Tony Taylor Soccer Academy

Our elite soccer academy is dedicated to the development and nurturing of the next generation of soccer athletes to improve soccer skills and take participants to the next level.

To use soccer to inspire, educate and build character of the next generation of soccer athletes for a brighter future.

Tony Taylor Soccer Academy prides itself in creating an international soccer culture for all. Passion, dedication, hard work and good character are the academy's key components. Our goal is to help build a brighter future for the youth through the love of the beautiful game.

The only soccer academy in Jacksonville, Florida owned by an international professional soccer star. Tony is a technical training specialist with a focus on elite technical skills, ball mastery, 1v1 moves, passing, soccer specific speed, strength, and conditioning, position specific attacking and defending, tactical awareness, shooting and finishing technique and more for complete player development. Training programs are specific to skill level and position.

Tony Taylor Soccer Academy's main goal is to give every player a chance to dream and reach their full potential. Whether it be making a middle school, high school, or varsity team, making it to the next level at club, making a college team, a professional team or just improving your current game to be at your best we want to give you all the tools to do so. Tony Taylor has played at all the levels from youth club, state and regional ODP, middle and high school, University, u20 and u23 USA national teams, Panama Senior national team and all the way up to professional soccer internationally. We know exactly what it takes to get to the next level. Our goal is to give all players the best training and knowledge they need to develop into not only better soccer players but better people.