From Our Clients


“Ever since I have started training with Tony, I have been a whole different person on the soccer field and I have had a better character. He has taught me so many different skills and exercises that have helped me improve drastically. He also teaches me morals and values such as respect, patience and determination. He has helped my left foot to be stronger and he has helped me to be more comfortable with using my left foot. I am so happy that I am training with Tony. I really look up to him because he always pushes me to be better. Tony is one of the best coaches I ever had.”

-Abraham. 12 Years Old.

New York
Eastern FC, Sleepy Hollow Football Club and Alianza JPS Futsal Club


“I really enjoy working with Coach Tony. Since I started training with him, he has helped me with my ball control, speed and to feel more comfortable using my skills in the game. Coach Tony has encouraged me to push my limits and work hard to pursue my dreams. He knows how to push me both physically and mentally. Thanks Coach Tony for inspiring me to reach my maximum potential!.”

Camila 12 Years Old. Jacksonville, Florida 

Florida Elite 08 ECNL Girls and Florida State ODP Team 


“Coach Tony Taylor brings a vast amount of knowledge to the practice field. He was an ODP player, Regional Player, USA National Team player, Olympic Team player and World Cup player. I’m currently an ODP player and trying to make the Region Team. My dream is to make the USWNT. Ever since I started working with Coach Tony, I have made huge improvements in how I play on the field. Coach Tony has taught me to be confident on the field and encourages me to use my skills. He always pushes me hard and I also enjoy the style of training he does. I have seen big improvements on my dribbling skills and movement with and without the ball. Thanks Coach Tony for making me a better player.”


11 Years Old. Jacksonville, Florida 

 Florida State ODP Team 


“Ever since I was young, like many others, my dream was to go pro, or D1 in college. I’ve worked hard and have tried to inch closer to that goal everyday. Coach Tony has really helped me get better physically,(on the ball dribbling, passing, finishing, agility, and finding open spaces). Not only have my technical abilities improved, but so has my mental focus and drive. Coach tells me that having a positive mind is very important. He’s always making sure I can correct my mistakes and not dwell on them. For me, the most important thing Coach has taught me is to enjoy the beautiful game while playing it”




-Daniel, Jacksonville, Florida 

JFC MLS Next U14 Boys


“Hello, my name is Adrian and I am 12 years old. I am a part of Tony Taylor Soccer Academy. I have been practicing with Coach Taylor for about two and a half months now and I have improved so much since I started. Coach Tony has helped me improve so many things, such as ball mastery, speed with and without the ball, and showed me to push to my limit. He also helps you look at the game a whole different way than I used to. These last two and a half months have been fun and exciting. Thank you Coach Taylor!”




-Adrian, Jacksonville, Florida 

Florida Prime ECNL Boys 


Check out the testimonial from Gabe’s Dad, Nick: 

“If you’re in the Jacksonville area and your child plays soccer you should look into Tony Taylor and Tony Taylor Soccer Academy – great player and great coach. Gabe has been working with him consistently since February and the differences are very impressive. His confidence and ball skills are really coming alive. Gabe is still a perfectionist and hates messing up. He tends to get in his own head and in his own way. Tony sees that and takes time to talk to Gabe to help him overcome those struggles. Definitely more than just a coach. He is a mentor who I have a ton of respect for. He’s producing top athletes AND good people. I highly recommend him.”⁣

-Gabe. 10 Years Old. Jacksonville, Florida Florida Elite ECNL Boys


Check out the testimonial from Stella’s mom Amanda: ⁣

“After 6 years of club soccer, and many small group sessions, we were looking for something different. My daughter has always had a solid soccer IQ, and had been able to use her smarts and physicality to compete against those with more natural speed. Once she made the transition to 11v11, it was obvious that she needed very specific training to increase speed and agility, while honing position specific skills. After working with Tony for 2 months, she has shown great improvement in speed, agility, overall ball control, and most importantly, confidence. Tony’s training and encouragement has pushed her to be a better, more complete player, and she’s again excited about her potential. His reassurance that hard work and dedication pay off, shows in the consistency that we now see in her play.”⁣”

-Stella Jones. 12 Years Old. Jacksonville, Florida 

Jacksonville FC 08 ECNL Girls 


“Coach Tony has been more than a coach. He has been a great mentor and a friend. I’ve had times where my confidence dropped, and he took the time to help me feel better about my skills on the field. When I first started training I was very slow with my footwork, but now with Tony’s training I am much faster and have grown so much.”


-Drew C. 12 Years Old. Jacksonville, Florida 

Jacksonville FC and Kernan Middle School


“Tony Taylor has taught me how to improve in my striking, passing, and footwork. He was able to break down the technique into easy steps that I could understand. This has transferred to soccer games, practices, 1v1 situations, and more! Tony Taylor helped me learn from my mistakes and helped me use them as stepping stones to success. Tony Taylor has encouraged me  to set goals and achieve them. One goal that we set was to get on a good competitive soccer team. Tony Taylor has inspired me to work hard and now I am on a competitive team for JFC! He is a phenomenal coach and I look up to him as a role model.”

-Ben. 10 Years Old. Jacksonville, Florida 

Jacksonville FC 

What The Pros Are Saying

Patrick Mullins

“Tony, first and foremost, is a kind and caring human being. He was always a teammate that I could depend on to put in more work than what was asked of him. I would see his effort and determination every day after training when he would set up cone drills to improve his dribbling. Every practice he would do it. He was a very talented dribbler already with his tight touches, sharp turns and breakaway speed, but I was most impressed with his dedication to constantly work and refine one of his top skills. From my experiences as his teammate, I firmly believe his discipline and humility would make him a great trainer for any player.”

-Patrick Mullins

Toronto FC, Major League Soccer (MLS)

Steven Vitoria

“I’m very glad I had and continue to have the privilege of having Tony as a friend and a great ex teammate. We had the privilege of sharing great moments together on and off the field for a few years but what stands out the most about Tony is the great person he is, with a great heart who really wants to help others. I’m excited about his academy as I’m sure it will have as it is already a great impact on the present and future of many young players. In Tony you have a great professional and a a great person with an attitude which I’m sure is an inspiration to many!” 

-Steven Vitoria 

Moreirense FC (Portugal) and Canadian Men’s National Team 

From Parents

“When we signed Drew up for lessons with Tony, he had just been cut from his middle school team. We were looking for refined 1 on 1 training that he wasn’t able to get in rec ball. We had no idea that Drew would not only recieve specialized training but also gain a friend, a mentor, and an idol. It’s important to me that my son has male role models in life besides me and Tony is an exemplary man. Drew adores Tony and our family has developed a friendship and bond with Tony. Fast forward with a year of training: Drew not  only made the team as a 7th grader but started in several games. We have continued Drew’s training and his skills and knowledge of the game are vastly improved. It’s like watching a different player. What separates Tony Taylor Soccer? Tony is genuine and cares. He has attended Drew’s games and maintains communication with him (and my wife and I) to ensure he is well and is training on his own. It’s apparent that Tony loves what he does and has a passion for training with kids and helping them reach their max potential! We are extremely grateful to Tony and so happy that he has come aboard Drew’s journey in fulfilling his dreams and aspirations. #TonyTaylorSoccer!!!”

-Michael and Corinne C. 

“As parents, we are beyond excited to have Tony Taylor in our son, Abraham’s life! It’s so hard to find people who are dedicated to their craft as well as their faith. We often pray for each person who enters our lives and Tony showed up as a blessing when we least expected it! The current pandemic had such an enormous impact on the people that we love and our son was absolutely devastated by the effects of COVID-19. Next to God and family, soccer is the flame that has always ignited a passion within our son since the age of five.

Tony entered our lives at a time when the world was stricken by grief, fear, and uncertainty. In April of 2020, our son began training with Tony. Through his words of inspiration, guidance, and skillful training sessions, our son was able to refocus his energy by returning to soccer development. While this was the initial goal, we had no idea that the level of achievement would be reached in such a short turnaround time. Tony is masterful, patient, and gifted with the natural ability to meet young soccer players where they are and take them to greater heights! Tony’s skillsets are matched by his strong level of professionalism, passion, discipline, and belief in maximizing one’s potential. Each week, our son looks forward to being challenged and pushed outside of his comfort zone to improve his overall technique, game, and chances of becoming a pro soccer player one day.

We certainly got more than what we bargained for! Our son has benefited tremendously from the fitness (core work) and ball mastery sessions. With each session with Tony, our son’s character and soccer skillsets are increasing exponentially. As parents, we see a major improvement in Abraham’s ball control, speed, and awareness. Additionally, we have noticed a strong level of confidence and comfortability that our son now possesses in his dribbling and shooting abilities, particularly with his left foot as a righty. We are beyond impressed with our son’s development under Tony Taylor’s coaching and leadership and we are delighted to have Tony as a champion and mentor in our son’s corner!”

-Laura and Dimitri A. 

“I met Tony Taylor when my family and I were kicking the soccer ball around at Ed Austin Park back in 2018.  As luck would have it, Tony and a photographer came a little later for a photo shoot.  As I watched him during some of his action shots, I noticed both his ball handling skills and the power of his kicks were just incredible.  After the photo shoot (or maybe during a break), he was kind enough to chit chat with us.  We found out that he was a professional soccer player playing for the Ottawa Fury FC back then, I believe.  I have to say, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  We actually ended up being FB friends.

Some more backstory to the backstory (lol)–My son is a big soccer fan. Unfortunately when he tried out for his school soccer team, he was not selected.  It was the same result the following year.  This is when my wife and I decided to up our son’s game.  We signed him up for some 1 on 1 training sessions with Tony.  When we showed up, Tony had cones, poles, and nets set up.  Tony worked the basics with my son.  After the first few sessions, we knew this was definitely a good decision on our part.  Not only does Tony teach the game of soccer, he and my son also have heart to heart talks about the importance of school, eating healthy, to have goals, work hard and to never stop improving/learning (not just in soccer but in everything he does), and more.  I can tell he loves coaching, being a role model for the next generation, and it’s nice to have someone outside my wife and I enforcing what we try to instill in our sons.  We can’t ask for a better coach/role model, as we believe Tony is the best!”

-Sam G.